History of club

The club’s name, 1472 FC, not only pays homage to the year Lagos was first visited by the European explorer Ruy de Sequeira but also serves as a testament to the city’s rich heritage and its vibrant, diverse populace. Lagos, over the centuries, has thrived as a hub of trade, culture, and commerce, drawing individuals from various corners and backgrounds. It stands witness to an array of pivotal historical events and transformations, from the era of the Atlantic slave trade to colonial rule, the fight for independence, the crucible of civil conflict, the boom of the oil industry, the shift towards democracy, and the ever-evolving tapestry of urbanization.

Founded by the esteemed tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Dozy Mmobuosi, 1472 FC embarks on a journey to not only respect and commemorate this remarkable history but also to utilize the unifying power of football to educate, inspire, and empower both our devoted fans and the larger community we embrace. Our mission extends beyond the pitch, aiming to contribute significantly to the forthcoming growth and prosperity of Lagos.

Through football, we aspire to be a catalyst for social change and community development, writing a new chapter in the remarkable story of this great city.