Vision and Mission


At 1472 FC, our vision extends beyond the boundaries of a football pitch. We aspire to be more than just a club; we aim to become a beacon of excellence and inspiration in Nigerian and African football. Our vision is deeply rooted in our commitment to uniting Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa through the beautiful game.
We envision a future where 1472 FC stands tall as a symbol of sporting achievement, where the echoes of our victories resonate not only within the stadiums but throughout the hearts and minds of our fans and the community we serve. Our vision reaches out to the entirety of Africa, where we aim to be counted among the continent’s footballing giants.

We understand that this vision is not achieved overnight, but it serves as our guiding star, propelling us forward with unwavering determination and ambition. It is a vision that recognizes the power of football to transcend boundaries, cultures, and backgrounds, uniting people under a common banner of passion and pride.


Our mission at 1472 FC is multi-faceted and deeply ingrained in our commitment to honor Lagos’s history while advancing our own goals. We see football as a transformative tool—a vehicle for social change, community development, and sporting excellence.

Honoring Lagos’s History: Our mission begins with paying homage to the rich and diverse history of Lagos. We are more than a football club; we are custodians of a legacy that dates back centuries. Lagos has been a hub of culture, trade, and resilience, and we aim to carry that legacy forward. Through every match we play, every goal we score, and every fan we inspire, we breathe life into Lagos’s history, ensuring that its stories are never forgotten.

Sporting Excellence: Our mission encompasses the pursuit of footballing greatness. We are dedicated to competing at the highest level, continually striving for excellence on the pitch. Our mission is to ascend the ranks of Nigerian football, gaining promotion to the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) as swiftly as possible. We want to stand among the elite, challenging for titles and representing Lagos and Africa with distinction on continental and global stages.

Community Impact: Football is our bridge to the community, and our mission is to make that bridge strong and vibrant. We believe that we can be a catalyst for positive change. Through various initiatives related to education, health, the environment, and social inclusion, we aim to give back to the community that has embraced us. We see football not only as a source of entertainment but also as a means to uplift lives, create opportunities, and promote social responsibility.


At the core of our mission and vision are values that define who we are and how we operate:

  1.  Excellence: We pursue excellence relentlessly, both on and off the pitch. We set high standards for ourselves, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
  2. Integrity: Integrity is our compass. We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and ethics, ensuring that every action we take is aligned with our values.
  3. Diversity: Our strength lies in our diversity. We celebrate the differences that make us unique, recognizing that our multicultural team and fanbase are sources of strength and inspiration.
  4. Social Responsibility: We believe in the power of sports to drive positive change. We are committed to being socially responsible, actively engaging with our community to make a meaningful impact.

As 1472 FC journeys “From 1472 to Glory,” our vision and mission provide the guiding principles that steer us forward. We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey, where football meets history, and passion meets purpose. Together, we will write the next chapter of Lagos and African football history